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Meatpacking Sweat Session: Cardio Kickboxing // July 25 // 6PM

This 45-minutes cardio kickboxing class will be a mix of intense kickboxing drills and full-body sculpting, working the arms, legs and core. Symone is a 305 fitness instructor and part of Spotify's employee fitness initiative, training kickboxing and sculpt at their headquarters.

Start: Tue Jul 25th 6:00pm

End: Tue Jul 25th 6:45pm

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Meatpacking Sweat Session: NW Method // July 25 // 7PM

This 45-minute workout is set to the rhythm of great music. The part-toning and part-cardio class was developed by Nicole Winhoffer to train celebrities and pop-stars for multi-hour performances. It counteracts habitual movements by targeting every muscle in the body, and works the internal organs of the body through compound movements. Taught by Emily Diers.

Start: Tue Jul 25th 7:00pm

End: Tue Jul 25th 7:45pm

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Meatpacking Sweat Session: UPrise Flow // July 25 // 8PM

The UPrise Flow is a synthesis of yoga and strength training that is broken down into four quarters. We start off with a more traditional asana practice that helps warm up the body in preparation for more demanding work later in the hour. During this time, we establish our main flow. In quarter two, we take the main flow and turn these postures into strength training moves. Quarter three is all about inversions and abs. Quarter four is a return to a traditional asana cool down in order to return the body and mind to a state of balance and ease. When all is said and done, savasana is there waiting for you.

Start: Tue Jul 25th 8:00pm

End: Tue Jul 25th 8:45pm

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Meatpacking Sweat Session: 305 Fitness // Aug 22 // 7PM

Make sweat sexy at this 45-minute outdoor dance cardio workout. Featuring a booty-bumpin mix from 305's Master DJ, three instructors will lead you in non-stop dancing that'll leave you drenched in sweat. Expect 35 minutes of aerobic dancing, 5 minutes of full-body toning, and a quick stretch cool down. You don't need to be a dancer to love this class (srsly!). Deemed “rave-meets-workout,” 305 Fitness is a dance cardio workout based in New York City, Washington, D.C., Boston, with pop-up experiences all over the world.

Start: Tue Aug 22nd 7:00pm

End: Tue Aug 22nd 7:45pm

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Meatpacking Sweat Session: ATK in Motion // Aug 1 // 6PM

Start: Tue Aug 1st 6:00pm

End: Tue Aug 1st 6:45pm

Meatpacking Sweat Session: The Sculpt Society // Aug 1 // 7PM

The Sculpt Society is a full body, nonstop calorie burning workout. It will challenge you with calisthenics and follow along dance cardio to get your heart rate up, light weights and sliders to carefully sculpt your ams & abs, and ankle weights to tone your legs & butt. The Sculpt Society is designed to create a long, lean body. A curated playlist drives the class to create a fun and inviting atmosphere for ALL fitness levels!

Start: Tue Aug 1st 7:00pm

End: Tue Aug 1st 7:45pm

Meatpacking Sweat Session: NYSC Lab // Aug 1 // 8PM

High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) class that will ignite your metabolism and shred fat fast. Instructor Juan has expertise in spinning, strength and conditioning, and HITT training. His secret weapon for results is being present and engaged with each class and client. Feeding off each other’s energy and excitement - teaming up to reach your goals.

Start: Tue Aug 1st 8:00pm

End: Tue Aug 1st 8:45pm

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