Meatpacking's Sweat Sessions - July 19 at 6pm - Solace Body

Solace Body is a fitness methodology based on the core principles of CrossFit, HIIT, and traditional Strength and Conditioning programs. Unlike the traditional Body class that incorporates free weights, kettlebells, rowers, bikes and other equipment, set outdoors, this class will primarily focus on body weight movements. Classes are team-oriented to develop social connections, build a passionate fitness community, and encourage participants to push harder than they would on their own.

Start: Thu Jul 19th 6:00pm

End: Thu Jul 19th 6:45pm

Meatpacking's Sweat Sessions - July 19 at 7pm - REHAB NYC

REHAB is a 45 minute class designed to rehabilitate the mind, body and spirit through mental training, the speed of music(BPM), higher intensity interval training and animal/power yoga flow. This class is designed to push you outside of your comfort zone. Teach you positive internal dialogue. Lift you up psychologically and leave you feeling strong, empowered and recovered mind, body and spirit.

Start: Thu Jul 19th 7:00pm

End: Thu Jul 19th 7:45pm

Meatpacking's Sweat Sessions - July 19 at 8pm - Boxing x Muay Thai

Carrie is one of the top boxing and kickboxing coaches in NY, she owns Rise Brooklyn Fitness and Carrie's Fit Lab and also teaches at Overthrow NYC. This class will be sweaty, fierce and you will learn basic strikes and footwork while having a blast.

Start: Thu Jul 19th 8:00pm

End: Thu Jul 19th 8:45pm

Meatpacking's Sweat Sessions - July 24 at 6pm - Five Pillars Yoga

Start: Tue Jul 24th 6:00pm

End: Tue Jul 24th 6:45pm

Meatpacking's Sweat Sessions - July 24 at 7pm - TruFusion

Yoga Fusion is an all levels class that will include a mix of traditional yoga poses incorporated with a blend of cardio and fitness techniques to focus on combining the mental and spiritual lift of yoga with the physical benefits of strength, HIIT, balance and flexibility. TruFusion is five group fitness studios under one roof, offering yoga, barre, pilates, bootcamp, battleropes, boxing, cycle and TRX. Desirae Smith is on their travel team and has been teaching for over 5 years because she loves inspiring and empowering others to use fitness as a way to better their lives. She says having fun in the process is a must.

Start: Tue Jul 24th 7:00pm

End: Tue Jul 24th 7:45pm

Meatpacking's Sweat Sessions - July 24 at 8pm - Casey Layne Anderson - Yoga

Start: Tue Jul 24th 8:00pm

End: Tue Jul 24th 8:45pm

Donate to Exhale into Inhale

Exhale to Inhale empowers those affected by domestic violence and sexual assault to transform their lives. ETI uses the healing practice of trauma-informed yoga to empower survivors, while helping communities develop skills and knowledge to support them. If you have participated in The Sweat Sessions, pay it forward and share the power of yoga and wellness with others.

Minimum: $5.00

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