Meatpacking's Sweat Sessions - August 27 at 6pm - LIFTONIC

An outdoor body-weight based class.

Meatpacking's Sweat Sessions - August 27 at 7pm - bodē HIIT

The outdoor version of bodē HIIT® is a training system that combines High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT), muscle toning and cardio in the park. This practice promotes long, lean muscle mass while burning fat, with rapid results. It strengthens your core, improves cir­cu­la­tion, and increases flex­i­bil­ity. All movements are low impact, which protects your joints and mus­cles from the pound­ing of other exer­cises like run­ning and jumping.

Meatpacking's Sweat Sessions - August 27 at 8pm - Chi Chi Life with Lauren Chiarello

Pilates Fusion is a dynamic core strength class inspired by Pilates, Barre, Yoga. We'll focus on arms, thighs, glutes + abdominals - tailored to your needs! During Lauren's energizing class, you'll tap into your inner athlete, find grace + unleash razor-sharp determination.

Meatpacking's Sweat Sessions - August 22 at 6pm - Yoga Sculpt with Carlyn Shear

This class incorporates cardio exercises to get your heart pumping and your blood flowing while moving you through your vinyasa flow to beat bumping tunes.

Meatpacking's Sweat Sessions - August 22 at 7pm - Yoga Core + More with Liz Wexler

Join Lululemon Meatpacking Brand Ambassador/Equinox High Line Group Fitness Manager, Liz, for a steamy Summer Yoga session. Fire up your power Yoga practice with a flowing sequence that incorporates extra core and strengthening movements.

Meatpacking's Sweat Sessions - August 22 at 8pm - 305 Fitness Cardio

Deemed "rave-meets-workout," 305 Fitness is a non-stop cardio dance workout that infuses dance moves, sports drills and high-intensity interval training. Come #makesweatsexy with our incredible 305 instructors and one-of-a-kind DJ mix. Expect a lotta air humping, jumping jacks and non-stop smiling. Not a dancer? No problem. Seriously. Our classes are easy-to-follow and made for non-dancers and dancers alike!

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