Meatpacking's Sweat Sessions - August 28 at 6pm - DTFlex with FlexStudios

FLEX is amping up Pilates Mat! Our high-energy, endurance-building, full-body workout will get your muscles shaking and leave you dripping in sweat. Expect a challenging Pilates-based class. If you visit our studio location you'll get an extra boost of detox from our state of the art infrared-heated studio. Get ready to bring the heat!

Start: Tue Aug 28th 6:00pm

Meatpacking's Sweat Sessions - August 28 at 7pm - TruFusion

Be ready to sweat using your own body weight, HIIT, and Pilates. Barefoot Bootcamp will be a struggle but the end result is well worth it. Liz Steers is our national fitness director who has been a professional dancer for over 25 years working for The Rockettes and David Copperfield. She has 500 hour yoga training and is certified in pilates, barre, TRX, kettlebell, cycle and more.

Start: Tue Aug 28th 7:00pm

Meatpacking's Sweat Sessions - August 28 at 8pm - Equinox

Yoga with Equinox trainer!

Start: Tue Aug 28th 8:00pm

Meatpacking's Sweat Sessions - August 21 at 6pm - Pilates Fusion with Chi Chi Life

Pilates Fusion is a dynamic core strength class inspired by Pilates, Barre + Yoga. During Lauren's energizing class, you'll tap into your inner athlete, find joy + unleash razor-sharp determination.

Start: Tue Aug 21st 6:00pm

End: Tue Aug 21st 6:45pm

Meatpacking's Sweat Sessions - August 21 at 7pm - DTFlow with B Yoga

Start: Tue Aug 21st 7:00pm

End: Tue Aug 21st 7:45pm

Meatpacking's Sweat Sessions - August 21 at 8pm - DanceBody

DanceBody is a workout created by dancers for ANYONE! A dance-inspired fitness experience that takes everything you’ve got. Our classes deliver toned shapes and clearer minds, set to music that truly motivates you to move. We don't do boring, you're ready.

Donate to Exhale into Inhale

Exhale to Inhale empowers those affected by domestic violence and sexual assault to transform their lives. ETI uses the healing practice of trauma-informed yoga to empower survivors, while helping communities develop skills and knowledge to support them. If you have participated in The Sweat Sessions, pay it forward and share the power of yoga and wellness with others.

Minimum: $5.00

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